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Short introduction

Brokers24 Center was born out of passion of two people related for years with the real estate market. While working in a traditional office, we noticed that the quality of service in the market and approach to the client does not correspond to our expectations. We wanted to offer something more. Individual approach to each offer, symptoms and treatment of customers full service from A to Z is the ideas that we pursued. In addition, we are constantly striving to improve the quality of our services and develop them so that they better fill your requirements.

Real Estate Center


We respect your time, because today it is the only thing that can not be bought. Our mission was therefore to create a place where the customer ready to buy or sell Real Estate, would find a comprehensive service. Starting with an advice, preparation of property for sale, the legal services, finance, sales / purchase until moving into it you can accomplish in one place. One person will coordinate the entire process so that you feel comfortable and safe. In addition, support for rented property so as not to lose the value of a monthly profit of the owners brought and without problems typical for this type of transaction, will save not only time but also your nerves.


Where we operate


Grown from the Poznans' market we are especially strong bond with it and informed on current trends. We support transactions across the district of Poznan, in special cases, after consultation with the client individually, even outside its borders.

But working in the past at the area Komorniki, we have noticed the lack of an entity which efficiently services this market and understand its characteristics. In addition, a dynamic development and high population density makes such services a necessity. Due to the fact that our office is located in Plewiska we offer specialized services regarding real estate in this region, we know its specific characteristics and needs of residents so we can best tailor our services to your expectations.


We are developing


Brokers24 are entity focused on continuous improvement. Our heads are full of ideas, but the most successful suggests life itself. So if you require any assistance in real estate, please contact us, we are happy to arrange the necessary services. We cooperate with many companies from the real estate industry, both are operated strictly as a sales and after sales service.
Sustainable development is also provided by cooperating with new people. All employees are primarily introduced to our mission, then meticulously trained to provide services at the highest level. For us the most important is a customer, so we try to process, so that you were 100% satisfied with us. 



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