Working in the real estate means:

Satisfactory wages, flexible working time, permanent work with people and in the field - this presents an overview of the work the broker / real estate agent. If you are interested in working in this sector, take a look on the following guidelines and requirements for this profession.


The first and key objective of any broker / real estate agent is to sell or lease the property entrusted to him. Every transaction is always preceded by a thorough examination, visiting the property, and therefore the task of the any agent are meetings with customers, which made ​​the inspection. In addition, broker handles the formalities - verifies the legal status of the property, verifies documents, completes all necessary documents for the notary's office. The agent is also the adviser to whom clients turn to for advice when buying real estate.

Specific of a job

The vast majority of agents / brokers have flexible working hours, because they must adjust their time to the customer. This is due to frequent work in the afternoons and holidays, and early mornings - these terms are often convenient for busy customers. This formula is, of course good points - especially the independence of (the agent works mostly out of the office on the principle that "money is only in the field"). Lack of time will be compensated by wages, because the agents receive a bonus from every transaction. Its height is dependent on results, experience and seniority. The best can even aern a few thousand a month.

For whom such a job?

Who is best in the role of broker / real estate agent? First of all, a very communicative person for whom work with the client is not a problem - it is a pleasure, a person open to new contacts, experiences (each customer is different and has different needs, experience, expectations). If even when thinking about meetings with clients you feel sick, this job is definitely not for you - frequent contact with clients or customers are the essence of the profession. Absolutely desirable feature of any agent is patience and listening skills, and abilities commercial / sales - after all, the essence of the profession is to achieve a sale / lease. Off course also significant is basic knowledge of the property and the rules governing it (though if you meet the above conditions / predispositions the lack of expertise, you can always catch up).

Are you energetic, outgoing person and are planning to start work in the real estate sector? 

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