Energy certyficate

Commonly known as the energy passports are documents that define the demand for energy necessary to meet the operational needs of the building or premises, or energy used for heating, hot water, ventilation and air conditioning, and for public buildings the lighting.

Which building energy certificates are required?

In case of new buildings put into use and existing buildings for sale or rent it is required to produce a certyficate. The obligation to prepare such a certificate is also the case when a building has been renovated or rebuilt (e.g. thermal), which resulted in his energy consumption.

Our partners will prepare energy certificates for the following buildings:  

  • houses,
  • multi-family houses,
  • public buildings,
  • residential and commercial premises,
  • other residential buildings.

Moreover, they can do for you:

  • energy audits,
  • Thermal studies,
  • study the dew point.

To use any of these services please contact our helpline or send a message using our contact form and we will respond within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.



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