Free bank loan services

Are you planning to buy a house, apartment or plot? Certainly you have a lot of questions:

  • How big loan can I get?
  • Should I take a loan in polish zloty or other currency?
  • Should I take the new loan or consolidate old ones?
  • Is it worth repaying the "old" loan with a new one?
  • What is my creditworthiness in the bank information of clients(BIK)?
  • Can I get a loan having a negative story in a BIK or lack of ability?

BROKERZY24 Real Estate Center offers comprehensive assistance with all activities related to financing the purchase of the property. We have successfully cooperated with one of the largest financial advisory firms - Money Expert  for several years. Our clients get the support of two experienced experts who perform to the satisfaction of hundreds of borrowers of loans per year.

Of course you can go to any of the bank loan assistant (there are dozens of them) - but we guarantee the highest service of competent and reliable advisors. Banks offer interesting loans that are now easier to get. Despite this, loan is a binding obligation for many years, and the decision of such a commitment should be made in a conscious way - and we want to help with it. We offer a range of over 25 banks and financial institutions in one place. Every customer is treated individually and we try to choose the best credit solution tailored to their needs and capabilities.

If you do not have time to go to the office - our consultant will visit you in Poznan and surrounding areas.

Our consultant will help you (free of charge):
  • select the most favorable loan offers among the best banks,
  • determine the currency, interest rate and repayment period,
  • fill in the required documents,
  • finalize the signing of an agreement with the bank.

To use any of these services please contact our helpline or send a message using our contact form and we will respond within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.


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