It is an often case, that the house for sale presents beautifully inside, but when it is unoccupied the garden needs care or re-arrangement.

The site where new objects are created - residential or commercial - requires well planning in terms of greenery, and it is worth thinking about at the stage of construction.

Sometimes we just want to facilitate the daily care of our garden providing an automatic watering system, beautify it by building a pond or replacing plants adapted according to its terms.

Now, when you already have your dream home, let's think together about the gardens that surround it. Will it not be nicer to go to a place full of greenery and plants?

Our experts will complex take care of gardens. In preparing a draft offer solutions tailored to the terrain, environment and customer requirements. Select suitable plants, establish automatic watering systems, and are able to ensure that the garden has developed over a given direction in accordance with the project. In addition, carry out plants on terraces.They will help to prepare the plants for the winter, and during the snow also provide snow removal services.

To use any of these services please contact our helpline or send a message using our contact form and we will respond within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.


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