Home staging

Home staging means how to prepare the property for sale and lease.

We often do not realize how important is first impressions in the case of real estate. Unfortunately, sometimes we find a situation where the client stepping for the first time to the apartment wants to turn away at the door and leave. After our persuasions he comes inside, but unfortunately the adverse effect of a negative first impression has already worked. Our chances of selling real estate in the first few seconds, fall to zero. Often you are trying to sell or rent property for a long time. Systematically reduce the price of real estate by up to thousands of zlotys and your offer has not met with any interest. You do not realize how often little effort and work needed for our property attracting customer's attention and led to the finalization of the transaction.

Our spHome Staging is a way to adapt the property for your needs. With the help of Home Stager you can quickly and effectively sell / rent property, cost.

Ecialist will advise you  that it is enough just clean up things and arrange them properly. Perhaps it is enough to rearrange the furniture and remove some items from the premises. Maybe sometimes you need to repaint rooms and invest in accessories that significantly alter the perception of your interiors. Home Stager also advise you how to decorate the house for rent to suit the selected target group.

Our Home Stager are experienced agent who have  worked in the property market for many years, so we are well aware of the expectations of customers, they know what looks strange and what is encouraging for the client in presented property.

The preparation of the real estate to sell it is half the battle. We are well aware of the power of the Internet. If someone is looking for real estate is right here where he directs his first steps. The only thing that our offer will stand out in the jungle of offers placed on the network, are professionally produced, eye-catching photos. Unfortunately, not all can afford to hire a professional photographer, but with the service of Home Stager you will have the session at home.

Our Home Stager will advise you what steps to take to raise the property value in the eyes of the buyer. Can arrange a cleaning service or a painting service.

  We offer you the following services:

  • consulting, design analysis,
  • help in carrying out "change" real estate,
  • organize a clean up,
  • organize a painting,
  • preparation of real estate and professional photographic session.

To use any of these services please contact our helpline or send a message using our contact form and we will respond within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.


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