Real estate counselling

Generally  large companies with investment planning, local governments with land use planning and effective resource management of real estate use the real estate advisory services . The average citizen, who like the big companies need a professional opinion advisor, protecting against the risk of loss in its regulation or capital or a family wanting to properly manage the property held for the achievement of the proceeds, is often overlooked.

Our consultancy service is directed precisely to the "average citizen" who sometimes take the first steps in real estate market often involve a lifetime assets.

Making such an important decision should be thoughtful and deliberate. We fulfill the needs of our customers and makes every step taken by them is a guarantee of success. Our goal is to ensure our customers that their decisions on the property market will be made  in safety and comfort.

Our services include counseling and coordination of all activities for the acquisition of property and sale of real estate (Secure transaction service). You can get to many attractive offers cooperating with us. We will get together throughout the transaction process - from obtaining financing for the completion of the project. We will advise whether it is better to sell, rent or to buy now or wait with the decision to purchase, divide the land and sell or sell as a whole, when sold, taxes, etc.

Due to the fact that each stage of the project is equally important to us, and customers' needs are a priority, we also provide assistance with relocation, creating an individual design and arrangement of interiors or garden. We will help in passing often very complicated and formal process of law relating to obtaining zoning decision, building permits, preparation of documentation for the completion of the application (such as receipts chimney, gas, energy certificates ...) signing contracts with media suppliers ...

We guarantee the reliability of the consulting service with our membership of the General Society of Experts and Consultants of Real Estate (PTEiDRN). We are certified consultants PTEiDRN, the numbers of entry in the register 199 and 200.

To use any of these services please contact our helpline or send a message using our contact form and we will respond within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.




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