Secure Transaction

BT is a new service aimed at those who do not expect a comprehensive estate agency mediation services for the sale, lease, or search for the real estate.

So what is the service secure transaction and to whom it is addressed, we will illustrate with two examples.

1. You announce the sale of property without a real estate office, pay the costs of advertising, spend your time on dozens of meetings with the client to present the property. In the end there is a client interested in purchasing your property. But because you are not convinced and confident that you will conduct the procedure without jeopardizing the potential risk of loss resulting from the formalities's failure or due to lack of experience worried about the situation in which you could be misled or deceived - report to the Centre for Real Estate BROKERZY24, and we will conduct for you Secure Transactions.

2. You are looking for a dream apartment / house. After several months of tedious and very time-consuming searchings you find your dreams house. Because you have no experience in buying property or do it the first time in your life - you want to make sure that you performe smoothly and according to law, a home you buy is not encumbered with any debts or other limited property rights. You want to be sure that selling house has no registered tenants, a residential community has any incurred debts that will charge you in the future - report to the Real Estate Center BROKERZY24, and we would secure the transaction for you.

CN Brokerzy24 helps and performs all necessary operations on the need to complete a secure transaction.

Purchase or sale of the property:

  • We will determine the legal status of real estate,
  • Complete and verify the necessary documents to complete the transaction,
  • We will determine conditions for purchase / sale of the property,
  • Will prepare the memorandum of understanding for future transactions,
  • Will prepare a preliminary agreement in the civil form,
  • We will prepare all documents to complete the transaction in the notary office,
  • We determine a convenient date for concluding the notarial contract,
  • We will prepare the necessary power of attorney (also from abroad),
  • We will prepare minutes of the transfer of the property,
  • We will pass or receive the property on behalf of the buyer / seller,
  • Prepare applications for inclusion in the land register,
  • We participate in negotiations at the request of the agreed scope.


  • We will check the legal status of property,
  • Negotiate the conditions of issuing the real estate,
  • Negotiate terms of payment,
  • Negotiate the amount of the deposit,
  • We will check whether the property is not in debt,
  • Complete the relevant documents,
  • Will prepare a contract under civil law or notary.

To use any of these services please contact our helpline or send a message using our contact form and we will respond within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.


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