Building and repair services

You purchased with us an apartment, house or commercial premises and do not have proven "team" for finishing - nothing easier-> use ourproven professionals with whom we cooperate on a permanent basis.

We offer services of professionals, e.g.: 

  • reconstruction of the premises,
  • adjusting facilities to meet emerging needs
  • painting,
  • filling the walls,
  • cekolowanie,
  • wallpapering,
  • tile, laying ceramic tiles and terracotta,
  • hydraulic works,
  • alignment of internal plaster,
  • demolition work,
  • masonry work,
  • installation of doors,
  • final assembly of items such as carpets and floor panels,
  • electrical work,
  • whiteware,
  • lightweight building (installation of walls and other internal components. of plates carton - gypsum.

To use any of these services please contact our helpline or send a message using our contact form and we will respond within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.


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