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If you rent your own home, manage a residential building, have the premises for lease, you often face the problem of non-payment, arrears and other unregulated tenement payments. Sometimes it happens that you're planning to make investments, and your funds are frozen on the account of your debtors. You are planning to buy a property whose owner has outstanding financial obligations. You issued the invoice which payment date has expired and the debtor does not respond to letters and phones with a request for payment terms.

Sn experienced and long active in the market debt collection company will help you in solving these and similar problems. It offers:
  • counseling,
  • recovery,
  • debt collection,
  • purchases of debt.


Both real estate selling and renting are strictly associated with tax problems.

If selling a real estate involves the discharge of income tax and, if so, in what amount?
If the sale of another home, or a plot after the division should be taxed VAT.
Similarly, in the case of rental housing, what is the VAT rate when rental housing and the commercial property - is there any difference?And if the owner is an individual is it the same as for the company?
How should the owner of the apartment, that is rented, account for the tax office and when you should report to it.
Do you need to issue an invoice when renting a house? Can a company rent to get the cosst, and if so on what basis.
What is the PCC, who is called VAT-payer?
Is a free house lending charged with VAT?

The Tax Office that cooperate with us will try to respond on these and other questions.

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