Completed investments

Picture Investment Year of completion
Auburn's Corner in Plewiska
  "Auburn's Corner" is a new development located in the quieter part of the most attractive "bedroom Poznan" - in Plewiska, surrounded by modern detached houses and terraced houses.   "Auburn's Corner" is an exceptional inve...
English terraced houses in Plewiska
 NEW INVESTMENT - " ENGLISH HOUSING in Plewiska"   We are pleased to present you a new investment realized in Plewiska - 1.3 km from the western boundary of Poznan. Our range includes, private housing estate of terraced house...
III quarter 2014
Complex of terraced houses in Daszewice
The complex of terraced houses in close proximity to Ronado Starołęka, 15 min from Poznan, before Kamionki. The estate consists of 21 terraced houses and 11 two dwelling buildings. Estate located in a secluded area at the same time wit...
Flats in Daszewice with roof terraces or gardens
New investment in Daszewice. 3-room apartment with an area of ​​about 60m2, with gardens and 53 m2 terrace on the roof. The investment is located within the estate of terraced houses. In the area of ​​investments 21 terraced hous...
2 quarter 2013
Townhouses in Plewiska
NEW ATTRACTIVE INVESTMENT COMPACT terraced houses in Plewiska. I recommend terraced houses located in a quiet neighborhood Plewiska, 150 meters from the main road. We offer a compact, four-room house with an area of ​​76.6 squa...
Apartments in Plewiska 3-4 bedroom, with garden
NEW OFFER  HOUSING INVESTMENT COMPACT SERIAL Plewiska . I would recommend an apartment in terraced houses located in a quiet part of Plewiska , the paved road , less than 200metrow from the border of Poznan. We offer a com...
I quarter 2015
Apartments 3 and 4 bedroom apartment with gardens in Komorniki
Would you like to zrezalizować their dreams of home with a garden, home tailored to your pocket? You dream to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and live in Poznan, close to the forest, cycling and walking, and at the sa...
I quarter 2016
 TENEMENT AT DŁUGA 10 STREET  in Poznan is an attractive location in terms of a residential complex located in the heart of the city on the street, which was established before the Polish partitions in 1872. Renovated apartmen...
IV quarter 2012
City Villa - Zakopiańska Street Poznań
 We recommend beautiful, new 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in a developer in a quiet and friendly location Podolanach Poznań, on the street of Zakopane. The apartments are located on the ground floor, first floor and attic of the newl...
willa wierzbowa
Terraced houses in Swarzędz - Jasin
 Chamber investment houses semi-detached located in a quiet neighborhood in the town of Swarzędz - Jasin, just 1 km to the market in Swarzędz and 12 km to Poznan.   The range includes single-family 4 segments (2 internal an...
Terraced houses in Skórzewo
 Recommend the sale of houses / flats Detached Row (internal and external segment) located in a secluded area near Poznan Skórzewa (less than 4km to the border of Poznan and 2km to the center of New Market in Plewiska). Convenient ...
October 2012
I would recommend an apartment in terraced houses located in Komorniki. Excellent location: close to the forest yet close to full infrastructure. In Komorniki's school, middle school, shops, clinics. We offer a perfect four-room house...
II quarter 2015
Row flats in Plewiska
Housing formed in Plewiska is six residential buildings Row. In all the apartments on the ground floor there is a spacious living room with kitchenette and a toilet on the floor are three bedrooms and a bathroom. Each flat also has a gar...
IV quarter 2015
The residential complex of terraced houses Plewiska
In Plewiska formed a complex of four apartment buildings Row size of 74.96 m2. On the ground floor of all dwellings is a living room with kitchenette and toilet on the first floor there are three bedrooms and a bathroom. Each of the unit...
March 2015
Housing flats semidetached in Plewiska
Housing estate arising in Plewiska the four freestanding buildings twin. These are five-room apartment on the ground floor is a spacious living room, a kitchenette and toilet. On floor apartment consists of four bedrooms and bathroom. Fo...
September 2014
Domy w zabudowie bliźniaczej w Kiekrzu
 Na sprzedaż dwa domy w zabudowie bliźniaczej. Realizowane na cele prywatne domy wykonane z wysokiej jakości materiałów, funkcjonalny rozkład.   Domu wybudowane z cegły Porotherm, ocieplone styropianem, dach kryty dac...
NEW INVESTMENT Lubon, MEETS THE CRITERIA FOR "FLAT FOR YOUNG" The new investment includes 14 apartments, terraced houses on a small, climate and gated community with entrance through the gate on the remote control. The investment inclu...
II quarter 2015
terraced houses in Plewiska
I recommend the sale houses terraced houses situated on the intimate, gated community in Plewiska, less than 500 meters from the western border of Poznan [Junikowa]. Offered houses are built in the traditional ceramic brick technology, w...
IV quarter 2015
Aleja Parkowa
Poznań ul,. Sypniewo
Villa Kalina
New investment in Gołuski
New investment in Gołuski, 3 km from Plewiska, 8 km from Poznan. The plot of the area. 400 m 2, was built semi-detached house with a very functional layout. If you are looking for himself a house in a quiet place and at the same time do...
Complex of 12 houses in Daszewice
Single-family house in the village Daszewice, 15 minutes to Rondo Starołęka. Detached houses in development of pow.120 m2 with a garage in a block building. The plot of the area. 648 m2. Home technology of brick masonry insulated with ...
Modern apartments in Plewiska
  New apartments in the unfinished state in Plewiska. Located close to the center Plewiska (complex commercial and service NEW MARKET) Grunwaldzka Street. You can choose three and four-room flats. Three-room apartment with an ...
mieszkania szeregowe w Plewiskach brokerzy24
III quarter 2014
Housing estate in Komorniki on Żabikowskiej Street.
The investment of two and three bedroom apartments located in Żabikowska street in Komorniki. Two-story apartment buildings, with balconies or gardens. In each building with 4 apartments on floors. Apartments in development. Premises on...
Terraced Houses in Plewiska
Plewiska - 4 bedroom apartments /terraced houses with garden   We recommend to our clients living in terraced houses with gardens. Flats for small intimate neighborhood. Complex of 16 apartments in a closed, accessible only to res...
Poznań/Podolany - Apartments in terraced house.
Poznań/Podolany - Apartments  in terraced house.   Recommend the sale of an apartment on the first floor and ground floor of a two-storied building. Commercial building series. Op apartment area. from 78 to 98.42 m2. 3 or 4...
Domy w Plewiskach
 Domy w Plewiskach ul. Podgórna.
Bliźniaki w Plewiskach
 Bliźniaki w Plewiskach
Bliźniak w Kamionkach
 Bliźniak w Kamionkach
Bliźniak Walerianowo
Dom Plewiska
Tenemant in the heart of Poznań
XII 2012
Semi-detached house - Poznań Junikowo
MODERN HOUSE IN THE FORM - POZNAN JUNIKOWO Recommend the sale of single-family house semi-detached houses (real estate property) located in a quiet and peaceful area of Poznan Junikowa. House in a modern block (flat roof) in...
Flats Row Plewiska
The resulting flat is three buildings Row. On the ground floor of each of the apartments are located living room with kitchenette and bathroom, on the first floor there are three bedrooms and bathroom. In addition, each of the apartments...
October 2014
The team of residential buildings Row in Plewiska
In Plewiska formed a complex of eight buildings, single-family residential Row. Each of the flats in size from 94.43 m2 to 109.48 m2 has its own atrium garden with terrace adjoining recreation center. On the ground floor of all dwellings...

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