Fees for buyer

Price of property:  
Tax on civil law transaction (stamp duty): PLN

select the type of property:
Cooperative - ownership right
maximum notary fee:
VAT on notarial tax:
PLN *t)

Agency remuneration Vat on agency remuneration: %
Special offer with agency remuneration:

Judicial fee for setting up the Land Registry:: PLN
Copies of deed sites: PLN
The court fee for registration in the Land Register / entry in the court register: PLN
The court fee for a mortgage: PLN
Total additional cost: PLN

*t) - in the case of transactions made ​​between persons counted among the tax group within the meaning of the Act of 28 July 1983 on the tax on inheritance and gifts - no more than PLN 7,500 PLN

Note - The calculator is intended to provide a simplified fees associated with buying a property, it does not include for example:

  • entry fee to the cooperative (according to the judgment of the tribunal is not mandatory enrollment),
  • other credit costs - due to the number of options used by lenders.

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