Primary market

The team of Real Estate Center BROKERZY24 for years successfully supports major and minor development investments. We have rich experience with services on primary market. Mediated dozens of sales transactions in the primary market - apartments and houses in various buildings. Also helped in the preparation of developers investment.

zrealizowane inwestycje

Developer investments currently supported:

Visualization Name of investment Completion date
Terraced houses with garages in Plewiska
NEW ATTRACTIVE INVESTMENT! Detached houses terraced houses with private garden and garage in a cozy neighborhood in Plewiska. Very functional and most sought-system independent house with 3 bedrooms and a spacious living room with kitche...
II quarter 2015
Terraced housing in Plewiska
New investment apartments Plewiska serialGated community where the creation of 44 apartments, terraced houses. The estate is situated in a quiet part of Plewiska, away from the railroad tracks, with an asphalt road. Plewiska available pr...
I quarter 2016
semi-detached houses in Komorniki
Exceptional offer! 4 bedrooms plus living room. The bustling, with road paving and lighting. All media, including sewers. House on the plot of the area. 315 m2. The house with an area of 112 m2. Salon of the area. 23 m2, with...
III quarter
with garages and parking places in Plewiska, private and semi-detached
In a great location, in a quiet part of Plewiska, close to primary school, build new housing estate of terraced houses where our klioenci can choose zaróno apartment in a twin house with a garage, apartment blocks with a garage and apar...
II-III quarter
townhouses with parking spaces or garages
We invite you to read the latest offer of terraced houses in Plewiska. THIS new gated community is formed in one of the most attractive place Plewiska. On a side access road, but at the same time in a small ogległości center Plewisk...
III-IV quarter
semi-detached houses in Luboń, modern with flat roofs! Gardens of the area. 330 m2
We invite you to purchase a home of the area. 81,8m2, with garden of the area. 300 m2! New investment in Luboń. In close proximity of green areas, with the possibility of using the advantages of living in Luboniu simultaneously with e...
III-IV quarter
Apartments in Plewiska
Apartments in Plewiska !!! We recommend to sell the apartment blocks in the new offer intimate, closed housing estate located in a quiet and peaceful area [away from the main roads]. We offer interior of the apartment blocks approx. 40 ...
III quarter 2015
A short distance from the entrance to the ring road, wheel Plewiska and Dąbrówki for sale, half duplex (single-family building dwulokalowy) The plot of the area. 380 m2. Nawygodniejszy system with an extra room on the ground floor. ...
III quarter
Walerianowo Komorniki
The investment of 4 buildings dwulokalowych in Walerianowie. For large plots of approx. 400 and 500 m2. Excellent location, 3 min. the bailiff, away from traffic jams and heavy traffic. From the panorama of Poznan. I invite you ...
III quarter
Konarzewo Komorniki
The new investment semi-detached houses (single-family dwulokalowych) in Konarzewo. Konarzewo perfectly connected with the city, Dubravka, bailiffs. In Konarzewo full infrastructure, shops, primary school. The first stage of a small h...
III quarter
houses Dopiewiec
The new investment with good access to Poznan (distance 10-15 km). In Dopiwecu primary school. Busy Poznan. Houses on the plot of the area. 426 m2, The restaurant of the area. 116.7 m2, plot of the area. 426 m2. On the ground f...
I-II quarter
4 Detatched houses in Plewiska
4 lokale bliźniacze o powierzchni użytkowej 133m2 Nowa super oferta nowoczesnego zespołu czterech lokali mieszklanych w zabudowie bliźniaczej. Wszystkie lokale posiadają bardzo funkcjonalny uklad - na parterze pokój dzienny, a...
ZESPÓŁ 8 DOMÓW W ZABUDOWIE BLIŹNIACZEJ W PLEWISKACH   Polecamy na sprzedaż znakomita ofertę domów w zabudoiwie bliźniaczej zlokalizaowanych w samym sercu Plewisk. Domy o powierzchni użytkowej 128...
I quarter 2016
high standard of large semi-detached houses in Zakrzewo
built in close proximity to the entrance to the bypass and at the same time near the forest, walking areas and a few kilometers from Lake Lusowskiego built twin Superior. The house can function as a two generation home or meet the expec...



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